What Does Pro Se Divorce Mean?

pro se divorce

What Does Pro Se Divorce Mean?

DIY / Pro Se Divorce is a form of a divorce proceeding that requires special attention. A pro se divorce is actually all about self-representation. In a pro se divorce, a litigant will represent themselves in a divorce in lieu of an attorney. The terms “Pro se” and “pro per” both mean the same thing. These terms refer to self-representation in court, stemming from Latin phrases.

How Long Does a Pro Se Divorce Take?

Once the papers for a pro se divorce have been filed with the court, an uncontested divorce case can range anywhere from between six weeks to twelve months. A normal divorce will take anywhere from four months and twelve months or a year. The divorce proceedings will take longer depending on where you live.

How Can I Get a Divorce If I Have No Money?

Unfortunately, in addition to a divorce being a very difficult part of one’s life, it can also be a very expensive part of one’s life. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that a litigant can move forward in a less expensive way. For instance, agreeing to agree is one of those ways. Divorces can be expensive when the spouses argue and fight over every part of the split. When the spouses agree to set aside their differences and agree to compromise, things go far, far smoother. A judge will refuse to sign off on the divorce until every last aspect of the divorce is resolved. That includes alimony, child custody, and property division.

How Do I File a Pro Se Divorce?

If you would like to file an uncontested divorce, the basic steps are fairly simple. The first thing that you should do is file a petition asking the court to grant a divorce. The next thing that you should do is notify your spouse that you have filed for divorce. The next thing that you should do is file a declaration of finances. After that, you can obtain a hearing date. You will attend the hearing date before the judge who will sign a judgment that will finalize the divorce. If both spouses are amicable and everything is agreed upon, the divorce will be finalized sooner rather than later.

Why Do People Separate Instead of Divorce?

There are a number of entirely valid reasons why people choose to separate rather than divorce. The following list comprises several of these reasons. This list is meant to reflect the unique nuances present in a divorce versus a separation.

  • Religious beliefs. Many people believe in the sanctity of marriage for religious reasons. Because this is the case, many couples choose to separate rather than divorce.
  • Keeping health insurance benefits. Believe it or not, some couples choose to remain together for the mutual health insurance benefits which are extended as a result of one or the other’s job.
  • Aversion to divorce. Some couples agree that while they may not be happy, they do not wish to become divorced. Under such unusual circumstances, they may decide to simply separate.

Pro Se Divorce Forms

The best way for individuals to move forward with a Pro Se divorce is to consult a divorce attorney that specializes in the process. Becoming informed is one of the best things that a litigant can do in the face of a divorce. Pro se divorce materials are available through a valued attorney or online through appropriate and responsible research.

Pro Se Divorce

Responsibility is key in a pro se divorce. Each of the litigants is responsible for filing the correct papers properly, serving them, and filling out all the divorce paperwork according to the laws of their state. If any part of the process is done incorrectly, the court could easily dismiss the case. Alternatively, the court could also require the litigants to redo their papers or require the litigant to re-serve the other party. If either one of the litigants has decided to hire an attorney, it will be important to level the “playing field” and hire one correspondingly.

What Should You Not Do During a Separation?

If you and your partner are undergoing a separation, it will be important for you to minimize exposure on that topic. Acting with dignity and solemnity is a plus. Friends, family, and co-workers will quite possibly make an effort to weigh in on the process. This is unnecessary and potentially problematic. Something else to avoid is dating other people for the sake of dating other people. Until the divorce process is finalized, it behooves both partners to act with decorum. Divorces have a habit of spiraling wildly out of control. Acting maturely and modestly during the year or so that the divorce is in the process is an advantage both to yourself and your family.

pro se divorce

Is it Better to Be Divorced or Separated?

It is important for all parties involved to be happy. That means that when it comes to the choice of whether to separate or to divorce, the choice is ultimately what will make both spouses happy. Responsibility and maturity are key in such decisions.

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