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uncontested child custody help

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In the legal realm, when something is “uncontested,” the involved parties work out an agreement on their own, without court intervention. There are some instances in which one parent may have sole custody. In other circumstances, parents share joint custody. However, specific changes in the lives of one or both parents sometimes make it so that it’s in the child’s best interest to be in the custody of the other parent. If both parents agree, you can draw up an uncontested child custody agreement. You can do this on your own without a lawyer. However, you will need to present the agreement to the local court for a judge’s approval. If you fail to take the agreement to the court and make it official, you put yourself at risk since, oftentimes, uncontested child custody issues arise because the parent giving up custody changes his or her mind and denies that there was ever an agreement. Make sure your decision is solidified in a court of law, get in touch with us at 855-577-7673. People's Justice LLC is ready to help concerning your uncontested child custody in Philadelphia, PA.

Drafting Child Custody

When drafting a custody change agreement, make sure the agreement states whether the child’s legal or physical custody or both, is being transferred. The uncontested child custody agreement doesn’t have to be in legal jargon. It should just include important points, such as the full name of both parents and of the child. Both parties should then sign the agreement in the presence of a notary public. 

Then, forward the agreement to the same court that handled your divorce and include a letter asking the judge to adopt it as a court order. You can also request the judge make an order to stop deductions from your paycheck if you’re paying child support. While some judges may give you what you need to take to the payroll office and cancel child support, other less-friendly judges may tell you that you need to hire a lawyer. If you have the misfortune of encountering one of those less-than-helpful judges, give People's Justice LLC a call at 855-577-7673. We assist with uncontested child custody in Philadelphia, PA cases. Whether you need help drawing up the agreement or getting the proper documentation to halt child support withdrawals, we’ve got you covered.

Custody of Minors in a Divorce

Divorce courts’ primary concern is the welfare of children born naturally or adopted by the parents. There are four kinds of child custody recognized under state laws:

  • Sole physical custody. Children live with and under the supervision of one parent. If the other parent wants visitation rights, it must be approved by the court.
  • Joint physical custody. Each of the parents has substantial periods of physical custody. This means that the child lives with both parents at different points during the week, month, etc.
  • Sole legal custody. One parent has the right and responsibility to make decisions about the child’s health, education, and welfare. The other parent still retains visitation rights.
  • Joint legal custody. This is the type of custody preferred by courts, if possible. In this arrangement, both parents make decisions about the child’s welfare, education, and health. Joint legal custody requires that parents submit a parenting agreement.
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Child custody rights are one of the most critical kinds of cases involved in family law. Children can’t make the difficult decision of who to live with when their parents decide to divorce. During a divorce, parents are understandably anxious about child custody issues. The good news is that the legal system recognizes that it’s almost always in the child’s best interest to have a relationship with each parent, so courts tend to award visitation rights to both parents. But even though child custody is such a critical issue during divorces, many parents worry about the cost of hiring a private attorney. People's Justice LLC works with families like yours to help you solve your child custody issues. We can help you decide which type of custody solution is appropriate for your family’s situation. Then, we’ll help you draft an uncontested child custody agreement, at a fraction of the cost of a private attorney. Your children are your top priority. They’re ours, too. Give us a call at 855-577-7673 to learn more about uncontested child custody in Philadelphia, PA.