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Benefits of Legal Marriage Separation

Sometimes, marriage isn’t all wine and roses. When things get beyond reparations, it is common for married couples to turn to divorce. However, if your marriage is just on the rocks, divorce isn’t the only option. Many spouses opt for legal marriage separation instead. A legal separation gives partners some space from each other without actually ending the marriage. While some legally separated couples go on to divorce, separation doesn’t always lead to divorce. Many use their separation as a time to reflect on themselves and their marriage and work on repairing the issues that drove them apart. When you require assistance with legal marriage separation in Philadelphia, PA give People's Justice LLC a call at 855-577-7673 today.

Common Reasons Couples Choose Separation

Below are some common reasons couples choose legal marriage separation in Philadelphia, PA over divorce.

  • Health care and other benefits. When you divorce, health care, social security, and other benefits that are shared with your spouse are terminated. When you separate, these benefits remain.
  • Taxes. You and your spouse can continue filing taxes jointly if you’re legally separated. Filing jointly can lead to some tax benefits.
  • Religious reasons. Many religions prohibit divorce. If you’re a member of one of these religions, a legal separation may be a viable option.
  • Financial benefits. For some couples, separating instead of divorcing makes more financial sense.
  • Uncertainty about the future of the relationship. Sometimes couples want to make things work and aren’t ready for a divorce. A legal marriage separation gives partners time to work through issues without jumping to a divorce.

Differences Between Separation and Divorce

Marriage separation and divorce create space between you and your spouse. You live under separate roofs. The court mediates child custody and child support discussions. The court orders the division of assets and debts and alimony. Both divorce and legal separation in Philadelphia, PA create a division in your life and create financial rules and boundaries. But the division in a legal separation isn’t as permanent as the division that occurs in a divorce.

Despite these similarities, there are important distinctions between separation and divorce. When you divorce, your marriage is legally ended, and you are free to remarry. However, when you obtain a legal separation, you are still legally married. You must indicate “married” on forms. You still have the power to inherit from each other, and a child born to a married woman is considered the child of the spouse unless proven otherwise.

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