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Benefits of Pro Se Representation

“Pro se” is a Latin word meaning “for oneself.” Pro se litigation involves self-representation in court without the presence of an attorney. At People's Justice LLC, we specialize in assisting pro se divorces, custody, and child support issues. There are many advantages of pro se representation, especially in simple cases, like an uncontested divorce. One of the main reasons people choose self help legal services are lowered costs. If the individual does not want the pro bono attorney, opting for pro se spares them the expense of hiring a private attorney. Another advantage to pro se representation is familiarity with one’s own case. Since defendants know their cases best, many feel they are in the best position to provide the best defense. Individuals with legal experience increasingly choose pro se representation. Because they’re already familiar with the legal system, they may have the tools necessary to argue their cases effectively. Call 855-577-7673 to learn more about self help legal services in Philadelphia, PA.

Basic Tips With Pro Se

If you choose to go the pro se route, following basic tips and recommendations can increase your chances of successfully representing yourself. Before going to court on your behalf, it’s essential to learn rules and laws that apply to your case. Make sure that all your written submissions are neat, complete, and timely. Written documents are the primary way you’ll convey your arguments, objections, requests, and other information on your case. You should also make sure you attend all hearings and get to the courthouse early. If you miss your court date, the court might rule against you. And when you do appear in court, bring copies of all documents you and the other side have filed. You might need to refer to these documents during the trial. Create an outline of what you want to say, and practice your argument because representing yourself in court can be a nerve-wracking experience. Finally, before you leave the courtroom, make sure you understand everything that just happened. For example, do you need to attend another hearing? Are there any documents you have to file? Should you prepare an order, or will the judge take care of the required paperwork? Making sure you’re well-informed before you leave the courtroom can help ensure that you don’t miss any important dates or paperwork.

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How People's Justice LLC Can Help

At People's Justice LLC, our mission is to increase informed access to the legal system. We do this by providing education, information, legal forms, and other resources to self-represented parties in Philadelphia, PA. If you need help identifying and completing legal forms, give us a call at 855-577-7673. We also provide referrals to other legal and non-legal community resources. We assist clients in accessing forms and information on topics such as divorce, custody, last testaments, parenting agreements, and more. If necessary, we can connect our clients with attorneys to answer any questions that may be beyond our scope of expertise. While we believe we are a great asset to the community, our self help legal services do have some limits. We cannot give our clients legal advice. We can’t tell you whether or not you should file a case or which type of case to file. We cannot guess how a judge might rule, and neither can we talk to a judge on your behalf. The staff at People's Justice LLC are obligated to remain neutral. If you believe you would benefit from our self help legal services, give us a call at 855-577-7673 send us an email, or swing by our office. We are located at 117 W. Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA, 19123 and are happy to help in any way we can.