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DIY Deed Transfers Can Be Made In Your Area

A pro se deed transfer is also known as a DIY deed transfer. DIY deed transfers are commonly referred to as quitclaim deeds. A People's Justice LLC buyer conveys their interest in purchasing something, usually property. The seller can then issue a quitclaim deed to a buyer. Once the buyer receives the deed, the seller’s entire interest in the property is transferred to the buyer. A DIY deed transfer is often used to transfer real estate interests where there is no question about ownership. People may also use a quitclaim deed to transfer interests in businesses. These deeds are an effective and affordable way of transferring ownership of property without having to hire an attorney. When you require a DIY deed transfer in Philadelphia, PA call 855-577-7673 today.

The DIY Deed Transfer Process

While you can hire professional help to assist in a deed transfer, a pro se deed transfer is a viable and relatively simple option. The first step in filing a DIY deed transfer is to write out the deed. You can obtain a template online or write your own. When personalizing your document, keep in mind that the person who is giving up the property of interest is known is the grantor, and the individual receiving the property is the grantee. When writing out the deed, be sure to include the legal description of the property, if you’re transferring property ownership rights. This legal description should consist of the length and direction of boundary lines. The deed should also have a statement from the grantor conveying his interest to the grantee and the amount that is being provided by the grantee to the grantor. 

After you have written the deed, the grantee and grantor should sign the deed in the presence of a notary public. After the document has been notarized, take it to the county recorder’s office, and request a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report. This document is a questionnaire that requests information on the property, the principals involved in the transfer, the purchase price, and the terms of sale. Some recorders will file the quitclaim deed immediately and give you the recorded original. In other counties, recorders prefer to mail the original quitclaim deed to the grantee. Then, the grantor should receive a copy of the recorded deed, and the original should go to the grantee. If you’re the grantee, be sure to store the original in a safe place, as this is your proof of ownership. Get more information about DIY deed transfer in Philadelphia, PA by giving our team a call.

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